ZIEH-FIX® Electronic Set I

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The new ZIEH-FIX® Electronic-Pick can be used for opening of lock systems with pin and disc locking systems, displays an ergonomically formed handle which enables a more comfortable and better use than its predecessor.

The actual innovation and consequently the core piece of the ZIEH-FIX® Electronic-Pick is the new electronics, which has been completely integrated into the handle and therefore allows to regulate the high percussion frequency necessary for opening even high-quality lock systems by using a slide control that is continuously adjustable to the response frequency of the lock cylinder during the operation of the pick. Also new is the incorporated battery compartment in the handle which enables a smooth replacement of the energy source and is suitable for internationally used batteries (4 x Mignon, AA, 1.5 Volt) as well as rechargeable batteries.

This the new ZIEH-FIX® Electronic-Pick is adjustable up to 2/3 under the percussion frequency and, with new batteries, up to double the frequency of the well-known ZIEH-FIX® Electro-Pick II. In case of new developments the tools can be upgraded by re-programming them in our factory. Information to this will be published on our web page in due course.

The new handle with the incorporated electronics is available separately. Consequently all old models of the ZIEH-FIX® Electro-Pick II (with the black handle) can be altered if necessary, as the gear heads of both tools are compatible.

Technical Specifications:

  • Energy Source: 4 batteries, (AA, 1.5 volt) or 4 accumulators (1.2 volt)
  • Idle speed percussion frequency: 12,000 percussions/minute
  • Load alternation frequency: 8,000 percussions/minute
  • Percussion frequency: Continuously adjustable to the response frequency of the lock
  • Weight: 380 gr. (without energy source)

Delivery include accumulators and charger!

Comes in a plastic case with following accessories:

  • 2 pcs. Pick „Novum“ Straight Blade, 0,5 mm
  • 2 pcs. Pick „Novum“ Angel Blade, 0,6 mm
  • 1 pc. Tension Wrench, 13.35 mm
  • 1 pc. Tension Wrench, 5.7 mm
  • 1 pc. Tension Wrench, 1.9 mm
  • 1 pc. Tension Wrench, 3.8 mm
  • Charger 120 VAC - 240 VAC (only Export US) or Charger 240 VAC (Europe)


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ZIEH-FIX® Electronic Set I

ZIEH-FIX® Electronic Set I

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