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  • Lock Manipulation

    These tools allow the direct manipulation of car locks, i.e. in the case of successful use they allow the opening (and the closing if this should be necessary) of car locks without causing any damage. Naturally, a 100% guarantee for successful use cannot be given. But it is always worth trying!

  • Original Lishi
    There's only one original!
    Innovative LISHI tools from Master Li serve to unlock and decode the lock. Once unlocked and properly readable, you can make a duplicate car key if necessary.
    To simplify identification, tools are mostly tagged with a type designation. If you are not sure of choosing the right tool, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to help you.
  • Lockmaster® Smart Decoder

    Our Smart Decoders are characterized by their high quality and straightforwardness. Due to its restricted guidance it is easy to learn the use of the Smart Decoder and to use the tool. Even in bad lightning conditions it is easily possible to read the codification due to the high quality engraving. With the help of the attached scales on both sides of the tool the lock code can be comfortably.

  • Ivaylov decoders for...

    Ivaylov decoders are a professional tool for opening, closing and decoding modern vehicle track locks. Are covered by patent number BG 2371 U1, proof of authenticity.

  • Destructive Tools

    With the help of these tools car locks and especially ignitions can be removed. Contrary to the purely non-destructive manipulation this type of opening is successful in almost 100% of all cases.

  • Opening via Door Gap

    With our instruments open via door gap without problems door!

  • Automotive Opening Sets

    Automotive Opening Sets

  • Automotive Electronic

    In our range of electronic manipulation tools, we only sell vehicle electronics of the highest quality, with specially examined working order. These cannot be compared to the cheap and illegal copies.

  • Small & Helpful Tools

    Small & Helpful Tools

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Showing 1 - 15 of 210 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 210 items