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  • Electric Picks

    The electropicks and accessories

  • Pick Guns

    Quality hand lockpick tools

  • Pick Sets and Tubular...

    Different types of picks of very high quality!

  • Single Picks

    Different types of picks of very high quality!

  • Tensions & Accessories

    Different kinds of flipper, tension tools, key extractors and accessories. The tools are good quality!

  • Bump Keys

    Our Bump Keys allow the fast and non-destructive opening of many different cylinder locks. Necessary: A suited Bump Key for the lock to be opened.

    How do Bump Keys work?
    The Bump Key is inserted into the keyway just like a normal key. The especially designed key cuts are then positioned just in front of the individual inner pins. By slight blows, i.e. rather a slight knocking, with a suited object the Bump Key is then driven further into the keyway. The fast blows of the sides of the key cuts onto the pins cause the pins to be driven into their channels very rapidly.

    If the correct amount of sensible tension is exerted with the Bump Key onto the plug, i.e. by slightly turning the power key into the direction the plug is to be rotated, the cylinder can be unlocked. In this process the correct timing of blows and simultaneous exertion of tension with the key is the most important factor. This timing has to be trained. Usually multiple blows are necessary to unlock the cylinder.

    To clarify everything once again: The short blows should rather be a slight „knocking" onto the Bump Keys, while the exerted tension should rather be a very slight and minimal turning in the desired direction.
    The technique does not cause any kind of damage at all and is very quiet in practical use.

  • Lever Picks

    We offer lever (tryout) pick sets for very different types of locks such as Mortice-, Warded- and Furniture-Locks. All lever pick set "K" and "O" are forged and nickel-coated, the other sets are made of hardened and tempered steel. All Tryout Key Sets have a proven design and are delivered on a key ring. For simple warded locks as used in most interior room doors we recommend our “Classic” Lever Picks.

  • Impressioning

    The technique of impressioning allows the production of a fitting and functioning key for a certain lock without having to dismount or disassemble the cylinder or even having to decode it with special devices and techniques. The only items required are the corresponding key blank for the cylinder, some tools and a certain amount of practice.

  • Lockpicking Training

    The tools that everyone should have Lockpicker

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Showing 1 - 15 of 383 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 383 items