Key Cutting Machines


Key Cutting Machines

We offer Key Cutting Machines from Miracle and AN-SAN.

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  • Miracle Key Cutting...

    Miracle Key Cutting Machines are the next generation of computerised and mechanical key cutting machines used to create or copy a large spectrum of automobile and domestic keys, including tubular and dimple keys.

    Designed for professional locksmiths Miracle machines use an advanced CNC technology to support fast and accurate key production. Equipped with high precision laser assessment system the machines achieve high results in errorless key copying by automatically correcting measurement miscalculations. Most of Miracle Key Cutters work with Instacode.

    Miracle Key Cutting Series also offer a large choice of cutters, decoders, jaws, clamps and adapters when it comes to cutting keys, including tools for Cadnam, Mul-T-Lock, Magnum and many other domestic and laser keys.

  • Miracle Jaws & Adapters

    Miracle Jaws & Adapters

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    AN-SAN Key Cutting Machines

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Showing 1 - 15 of 38 items