Automotive Electronic


Automotive Electronic

In our range of electronic manipulation tools, we only sell vehicle electronics of the highest quality, with specially examined working order. These cannot be compared to the cheap and illegal copies.

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  • MiraClone


  • mtaplus

    Mtaplus Ltd. focused on car diagnostics, diagnostics and service devices. Chiptuning, control units, immo, car service software, service, support and training.

  • Xhorse

    Automotive Electronic for Xhorse

  • Other Devices

    Important note:

    The modification in control units is under sole responsibility of the person using these electronic tools, which utilisation takes place exclusively on his own risk.

    It is possible that the operating license expires on a vehicle with switched-off immobiliser. This applies as to the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulation (StvZO) especially for vehicles after 10.1994. In addition the car insurance has to be informed of the immobiliser deactivation. Locksmith CZ excludes all liability for abuse!

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Showing 1 - 15 of 51 items