Automotive Electronic


Automotive Electronic

In our range of electronic manipulation tools, we only sell vehicle electronics of the highest quality, with specially examined working order. These cannot be compared to the cheap and illegal copies.

Automotive Electronic  There are 78 products.


  • MiraClone


  • Cyclone

    Cyclone allows transponder copying and cloning (Manufacturers such as Silca, but also generics may be used) as well as transponder pre-programming (for ex. Type E46) for registration and programming directly on the car, even for very difficult transponder types like for ex FIAT, VAG and BMW. (Programming directly on the car is only possible with T-Code Pro or Premium Code Pro)  We may customize the software to your personal needs.Of course we will be ready to answer all questions you may have concerning the machine after purchase.

  • True Code

    True Code is a PC based software package with interface and OBD connection that specialises in programming vehicle remotes, keys and cards, and reads the security pincodes on a selected range of vehicles.

    These vehicles are currently:

    • Renault
    • Nissan
    • Ford
    • Suzuki
    • Fiat
    • Gm group
    • Hyundai & Kia
    • Land Rover & Range Rover
    • Mazda
    • PSA

    The software will communicate with the vehicle via the OBD socket, extract and reveal the security pincode and enable keys and remotes to be cleared or added to the memory. Simply click on program and it will prompt you through the programming sequence quickly and accurately.

    The TrueCode Smart comes with FREE UK based technical support, no annual license fee and no charge for ‘tokens’.

  • Abrites

    The products have been prepared!

  • mtaplus

    Mtaplus Ltd. focused on car diagnostics, diagnostics and service devices. Chiptuning, control units, immo, car service software, service, support and training.

  • Xhorse

    Automotive Electronic for Xhorse

  • Other Devices

    Important note:

    The modification in control units is under sole responsibility of the person using these electronic tools, which utilisation takes place exclusively on his own risk.

    It is possible that the operating license expires on a vehicle with switched-off immobiliser. This applies as to the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulation (StvZO) especially for vehicles after 10.1994. In addition the car insurance has to be informed of the immobiliser deactivation. Locksmith CZ excludes all liability for abuse!

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Showing 1 - 15 of 78 items