Complaints Procedure

I. The rights and obligations from non-conformance

Quality upon receipt

If the goods received are not in complience (eg. Not agreed on or reasonably expected properties, does not lend itself to the usual or agreed purpose, is not complete, does not match its quantity, dimentions, weight or quality does not match the statutory, contractual or pre-contractual parameters), or there are defects for which the seller is responsible.

Buyers is entitled to a free remedy or at a reasonable price discount from the Seller no later than two years after receipt of the goods ; if there is not a disproportionate nature of the defect (especially if you can not remedy the defect without undue delay) can be applied, so demand on delivery of new things without defects or new parts without defects, if it concerns only a defect in the part. If the goods supplied is a battery (batteries), the battery warranty itself is shortened by six months from receipt of goods. This reduction does not affect the above-mentioned period of 2 years for the rest of the supply of goods.

Unless the repair or replacement of goods is not possible, on these basis a buyer may withdraw from contract and request a refund of the purchase price in full.

Within six months of receipt of goods, it is assumed that the defect existed at the delivery of goods .

The seller is not obliged to comply with the buyer's claim, if he proves that the buyer knew of the defected goods or they were caused by the buyer.

For used goods sold by the seller, is not liable for defects caused by the existing use or wear, or use in violation of the instructions. For items sold at a lower price, the seller is not liable for defects for which the lower price was negotiated. Instead of the right to exchange the buyer in such cases has the right to a reasonable discount.

Legal rights of defects

The seller is liable for damages incurred after receipt of goods in the 24-month warranty period.

Note: In the event that the buyer is the person who will use the object of purchase in the course of his business, that "buyer as a contractor" and is not the end user by the perspective of consumer law, thus shortens the duration of the warranty period to 12 months.

In this period, the buyer can make a claim by his choosing an option from the defect, which means it is a substantial breach of the contract (regardless, if the defect is removable or non-removable)

  • removal of defects delivering new things without defect or delivery of missing items;
  • free remedy repair;
  • a reasonable discount on the purchase price; or
  • refund of the purchase price based on the withdrawal.

It is essential to such a breach of contract, on which the party in breach of the conclusion of the contract knew or should have known that the other party has not concluded a contract if the breach had been foreseen.For defects, which means insignificant breach of contract (regardless, if the defect is removable or non-removable), the buyer is entitled to remove the defect or exchanging a reasonable discount on the purchase price.

When Occurrence of a correctable defect was repaired repeatedly (third complaint to the same defect or fourth for different defects) or the goods have larger number of defects (at least three defects simultaneously), the buyer can exercise the right to a discount on the purchase price, replacement or completely withdraw from Purchase Contract.

II. Settlement of a claim

The buyer is obliged to complain to the person designated by the seller immediately to repair the deficiencies identified. It can be done both in writing and electronically (by email). On the complaint sheet must provided- your contact information, description of the problem and the need for a method of settling the claim.

The person designated to repair and provide all warranty service trade the company:

Locksmith Service Ltd., identification number 02155052, headquartered Meadow 857, 356 01 Sokolov

Only the person designated for repair is authorized to accept goods sent to the claim.

This provision is in accordance with paragraph 1) Section 19 of Act no. 634/1992 Coll., On Consumer Protection, as amended, and then § 2172 and § 2166 of the Act no. 89/2012 Coll., Civil Code, as amended.

The buyer is obliged to inform the party for repair / seller, which law he choses when notifiyng of the defect (ie, when you pass the complaint sheet to dealers). Changing the election without the consent of the buyer may only be possible if the buyer requested a repair of defects that turn out to be unrepairable.

If the buyer does not select his right to a fundamental breach of contract on time, the law as in minor breach of contract.

The buyer must prove the purchase of goods, the best proof of purchase (invoice), but it is not necessary. Sufficient is email communication, or statement of bank account. The deadline for settling a claim runs from the delivery / receipt of the goods to the place where they are to be repaired. Buyer is obliged to transport and properly pack them to prevent further damage. Goods should be clean and complete (all parts inventory transfer is presented in the complaint sheet).

The person designated to repair / seller to decide on the complaint within three working days, This period, however, does not include the time required for the necessary technical expertise. Information on the need for further professional assessment within that period shall be communicated to the purchaser. The complaint, including the removal of defects, the person designated to repair / seller will handle without undue delay, within 30 days of application unless the buyers agree in writing on a longer period. After this period, the buyer has the same rights as if it were a fundamental breach of contract.

The person designated to repair / seller can not be held responsible for maintaining the personal data of the buyer, eg. Contacts, settings, files and the like. The buyer is obliged to develop sufficient cooperation regarding complaints and also to enable seamless access to the vendor user interface for your device. Otherwise, the buyer runs the risk that the person designated to repair / sellers will be forced to take steps in order to get to the user's environment; even if the lack of either defect or non-recognition of a claim, does not have to have buyer's personal data retained.

The warranty period is extended by the time of the claim in its execution or until the buyer is obliged to pick up the item.

If it is not possible to monitor the status of settlement of a claim online, it is committed to the person designated to repair / by seller handling the complaint to inform the buyer electronically and e-mail message or by SMS.

For authorized (warranty) claims reasonably incurred compensation costs belong to the buyer (postage).

In Sokolov on 1 April 2017

Mgr. Jitka Ivanovová, Managing Director of Locksmith Service Ltd.