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  • The Electropicks
    Electric picks work based on the principle of percussion. This means that hard out blows are placed onto the lock’s pins by the pick blade. In return, the pin tumblers within the plug hit the outer pins with great force. This creates a “pool”- or “snooker” - effect. The inner pin tumblers hit the outer pins compressing the springs and creating a small gap between inner and outer pins (just as when one ball hits another one when playing pool). If this gap can be created exactly at the edge of the plug, the plug itself, put under slight tension with a tension tool, can be unlocked. It can then be turned with the help of a small screwdriver etc. Rotating the plug will move the actuating cam which controls the actual locking mechanism. The plug can only be rotated for 1 complete turn before the pins will be pushed back into their channels by the springs. When this happens the plug is locked again and can only be unlocked by picking it again. In order to avoid repeated picking there exists the so-called "Flipper". This spring driven tool makes the plug rotate so fast, it is impossible for the pins enter their channels and thus block the plug again.

    The mastering of this opening technique requires a certain amount of practice. The secret lies in the simultaneous careful use of the electric pick and the exertion of rotary tension on the plug. As this technique is not completely new, producers of higher quality locks have taken some protective measures. On the one hand keyways have been tightened or changed (offset keyways) making a direct contact of pick blade and pin tumblers impossible, on the other hand, special pins, such as mushroom, spool, or serrated pins may make picking very difficult if not impossible. In these cases special types of pick blades can be successful. These blades should be ordered with the electric pick.

  • Kronos & Artemis...

    Kronos or Artemis Electropick - all in one place with us.

  • Pick for Electric Picks

    Especially when confronted with complicated lock cylinders difficult to pick, only the use of laser-cut picks blades made from hardened spring steel may lead to success. These pick blades can be used with all electric picks offered by us, as well as with the pick gun.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 33 items