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  • Key Cutting Machines

    We offer Key Cutting Machines from Miracle and AN-SAN.

  • Cutters for Key Machines

    We offer a wide range of highest quality premium replacement cutters at advantageous prices – also for your Key Cutting Machine!

    Please contact us if you cannot find the cutter you require in our list or if you require a certain coating etc. We can provide you with almost any type of cutter for all machines!

    Test it and see for yourself!

  • Engraving

    Magic CNC Engraving Machines stand out by their compact size, elegant design and virtually silent operation. From basic to advanced models Magic Engravers produce excellent quality results, leaving the engraved surface smooth to touch with indelible high gloss nish achieved by using an engraving probe made with industrial diamond. Designed to be easily handled in operation, Magic machines can ef ciently engrave on all metal surfaces, including gold, silver, copper, stainless steel, aluminium and also on selective plastic, glass and natural materials. Every Magic machine comes with simple to use MagicArt software letting you enjoy so very many engraving options as well as full support of custom fonts and vector graphics.

    Why choose Magic Engravers?

    Here at Lockdecoders we understand that time is of the essence when it comes to running a profitable business. That’s why we have designed an affordable range of professional engraving & cutting equipment that brings superior quality results even when set at high speeds.

    Magic Engravers are made in the same factories as our successful range of Miracle key cutting equipment and have already proven to be a popular choice among cobblers and locksmiths in Australia and China for their simplicity in use, proficiency in results, durability and safety in operations.

    All our Magic Engravers come equipped with a multi – purpose clamp to efficiently hold all your engraving objects, including tags, bracelets, flasks, pens and many others without changing grips or fixings.

    While Magic 2, Magic 50 and Magic 20 are small sized and engrave beautifully on all metal and wood materials, engravers such as Magic F30, Magic F300P and Magic 70can also cut and carve nameplates, necklaces and custom gifts as well as perform simple and complex engraving tasks.

  • Installing & Mounting

    Installing & Mounting

  • Accessories

    Accessories - Not only for locksmiths!

  • Locks and Keys

    In this category you will find quality cylinder locks and padlocks

  • Car Locks

    In our offer of locks you will find folded and unfolded locks. This kind of goods is divided into several distinct categories for better orientation.

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Showing 1 - 15 of 224 items
Showing 1 - 15 of 224 items