Open the Door (In Czech!)

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The author has completed three master exams in locks, forging and mechanic industry and is an accredited teacher. He has made notes from his experiences as a working locksmith over the course of 20 years and published them in this book.

The book is written in an easy to understand form with many step-by-step instruction guides and contains over 100 pictures. It is directed towards those who must quickly and frequently open doors like firemen, policemen, locksmiths and custodial staff, but also for the interested layman. It contains very detailed descriptions of the techniques and tools used in the opening of Cylinder Locks, Warded Locks, Auxiliary Locks, Closed but Unlocked Doors and Cars.

It describes destructive methods and manipulative ones such as hand picking or electric picking. It also includes some tips on tool construction. A very complete work that leaves very few questions open.


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Open the Door (In Czech!)

Open the Door (In Czech!)

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