Cross Pick "Black Fighter"

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This is A-Grade Cross Pick which is different with most cross picks on the market. It´s four direction blades are made of quality strong carbon steel blade different with steel wire (easy to break).
It can insert into cross cylinder to open very smoothly.
This A-Grade Cross Pick includes 2 tension wrenches: one long tension wrench, one short tension wrench to fit for different size of cross cylinder and different size of thickness of door. It can open not only cross invisible door lock, cross dead bolt door lock, but also small cross padlock, cross steering wheel lock, cross bicycle lock, small size cross cylinder… and so on.
There is a signal on the black round turning bolt which is special designed to help locksmith to aim the center position while opening cross lock.
It is very easy to change and install tension wrench by a small screw driver on the side of a black round turning bolt.


  • Four pick blades: made of high flexibility strong carbon steel
  • The head of four pick blades: made of brass
  • Weight: 52 grams / include 2 tension wrenches / one full set
  • Dimension: Long tension wrench: 44 mm (1.732"); Ø 6 mm (0.236")
  • Dimension: Short tension wrench: 24 mm (0.945"); Ø 5 mm (0.197")


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Cross Pick "Black Fighter"

Cross Pick "Black Fighter"

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