TSM - The Safe Manipulator

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The TSM is designed to help the Safe Engineer or Locksmith with opening Combination Safes. It is also the 'ideal' tool to teach the methods used in Safe Manipulation. The TSM packs a set of features not seen in any other Safe Manipulation Aid.

TSM Highlights:

  • Automatic Wheel Graph generation
  • Single & Dual Graphing views for easy Gate identification
  • Real-time Wheel Position display
  • Easy Gate Real-time position display
  • Simple 'Return to Job' feature
  • Support for the TSM Mini Mag-Keypad: (Release date TBC)
  • USB 5-Key magnetic keyboard facilitates quick measurements to be taken
  • User Definable entry of Dial graticule types
  • Automatic Highpoint tracking
  • System Accuracy : 0.09 deg
  • Suitable PC / Laptop is required, running Windows XP or 7


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TSM - The Safe Manipulator

TSM - The Safe Manipulator

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