Auto Dialer QX3 Combi

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The QX3 Combi is a super fast automatic safe lock dialer for 3 and 4 wheel combination locks. The dialer has been developed on a current Android platform that runs on a tablet. The interface is easy to use and very simple for the user to setup.

Features include:

  • Android app-based user interface
  • Fast installation
  • More flexible dialing
  • 3 or 4 wheel lock
  • Fast dialing (approximately 13 hours)
  • More dialing torque
  • Software driven dial synchronization
  • User defined list of try-out combinations
  • Table of lock set-up parameters
  • Stored default parameters
  • Toggle on/off lockable screen with password
  • Toggle on/off scramble combination after opening
  • Email notification of dialer status with Wifi availability

The QX3 COMBI includes case with hardware, Android tablet with software, and instructions.

Delivery time 10-30 Days


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Auto Dialer QX3 Combi

Auto Dialer QX3 Combi

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